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Meet Zaamigo

Zaamigo is a clever combination of software and a camera, allowing you to measure how clean teeth areand a great way to stay connected with your patients.

This demo was realized by our team of VR experts to hsupport Read more

The Evolution Of Camera Shutter Sounds | ASMR

I’ve had this idea for years! I’ve finally put it together. Here is a collection of royalty-free camera shutter sounds. Best heard if you have headphones! These cameras date back to the 1940s. I’ve listed the names and about Read more

Fly me to the moon

360 Degree VR video

You can change the angle of view by moving you smartphone tablet or mouse to experience a VR feeling. Isn’t that cool?

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The Quality of Light:

Why different kinds of lights affect how we see

We need light to see, but what about the QUALITY of light? How does light quality change what we see? Find out why LED, CFL, and halogen lights can make Read more

Virtual Gallery

Meet and discuss and share with other members of our community.

Our gallery, is designed to show the works of our members in a collaborative interactive environment. We can see each piece in detail and get in touch with Read more

Covid 19 and Dental Photography

Covid 19: what are the criteria for the disinfection and protection of medical photographic equipment?

Following the spread of the Covid 19 virus, it has been necessary to implement stringent sterilisation and protection procedures. To stem this epidemic, medical Read more

Ringflash for eLAB

In this video Sascha Hein answers the question:” Which Ring Flash is the best for the eLAB system?”. We have looked at nine of the most commonly used ring flashes in dental photography and compared them by their price and performance!

Turn your Nikon Z6 into a Webcam

Turn your Nikon Z6 into a Webcam on Mac OSX

Have you wanted to use your Nikon Z as a high quality webcam without the need of additional HDMI hardware (currently sold out everywhere)? Well now you can! Join Read more

discuss with the author epsiode #4

Dear colleagues

Now we are ready for episode #4 with an article from 2017 authored by Sascha Hein, Javier Tapia and Panaghiotis Bazos, presenting a new approach to digital shade management called eLABor_aid. Since then technology has advanced … Read more

All you ever wanted to know about colors

and you never dared to ask …. this video explains many things you already might know in a relaxed and nice way. I enjoyed watching.