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VR has been around for over three decades. It started as a way of simulating what would be life threatening situations in a computer controlled environment. An example would be in aviation, it gave pilots a new way of practicing flying a commercial aircraft, what we call in today’s world “Immersive training”. This concept was carried into other fields in the 80s and 90s such as health and safety, medical, and architecture as a result of improved computing power.

In parallel, the video games industry has developed as an independent stream where the sheer amount of revenue has made it 100% self-sufficient and a hotbed of R&D. Only in 2019, we saw an expenditure of over $152.1 billion in global video game sales. 

Essentially, we join these two areas into one, an immersive 3d environment. We use the Unreal Games Engine to deliver world class business solutions that are inspired by the same technology as what drives games like Fortnite. This is a truly an amazing game in terms of infrastructure, concurrent users, fluidity of graphics and complexity of environment. Imagine applying this content to something like training EMT on how to deal with an automobile accident on a rainy night in your local intersection.

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