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Live with Peter Hurley

For all who dind’t watch live – Portrait photography is getting more important in Dentistry. That’s why Peter Hurley a headshot and portrait photographer based in New York City is the perfect guest to talk about #SHABANG and more

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How we can use Unreal in filming and photography

Our partner is using some amazing backdrops with Unreal. We adapted this showcase (Weta Digital) to show the level of realism and quality that is attainable with some basic Read more


VR has been around for over three decades. It started as a way of simulating what would be life threatening situations in a computer controlled environment. An example would be in aviation, it gave pilots a new way of Read more

How to livestream using your Nikon camera

Nikon has released the first non-beta version of its free webcam utility for macOS and Windows computers.Back in July, Nikon announced it was working on a webcam utility that would turned select Nikon cameras into Read more

Meet Zaamigo

Zaamigo is a clever combination of software and a camera, allowing you to measure how clean teeth areand a great way to stay connected with your patients.

This demo was realized by our team of VR experts to hsupport Read more

The Evolution Of Camera Shutter Sounds | ASMR

I’ve had this idea for years! I’ve finally put it together. Here is a collection of royalty-free camera shutter sounds. Best heard if you have headphones! These cameras date back to the 1940s. I’ve listed the names and about Read more

Fly me to the moon

360 Degree VR video

You can change the angle of view by moving you smartphone tablet or mouse to experience a VR feeling. Isn’t that cool?

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The Quality of Light:

Why different kinds of lights affect how we see

We need light to see, but what about the QUALITY of light? How does light quality change what we see? Find out why LED, CFL, and halogen lights can make Read more

Virtual Gallery

Meet and discuss and share with other members of our community.

Our gallery, is designed to show the works of our members in a collaborative interactive environment. We can see each piece in detail and get in touch with Read more