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Meike MK-14EXT Flash

Many colleagues ask us for advice when it comes to buying photographic equipment. An important part of dental photo equipment is the flash. What should it be? A ring flash or rather a lateral flash? It always depends on the needs and requirements of the user. In many cases a simple ring flash is sufficient to document cases.

We had the opportunity to test the Meike MK-14EXT ring flash on a Nikon Z7 and compare it with the Nikon flash system.

The flash comes with a number of adapters to use it on different lenses. The flash is easy to use and is powered by 4 AA batteries.

The flash of the Meike flash has a different colour temperature and you should adjust the settings accordingly. In the example you can see the different color rendering with the “Nikon usual” settings.

Display and settings of the Meike flash

The Meike flash can be recommended for beginners who want to put together a cheaper equipment.

We would like to thank for providing the test device.