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Nikon Z 7 vs Sony Alpha 7R4

Photographers of all levels can benefit from using a more compact mirrorless camera with an electronic view finder (EVF), leaf shutter, complete AF area coverage or in-camera stabilization, all features which can make photography easier and more fun.

Sony has by far the most experience in this field, is the market leader and offers a wide range of equipment for all kind of photography.

However, when it comes to dental photography, other criteria must be given higher priority.

Nikon and Canon offer a wide range of equipment for macro photography, including lenses and flashes. Sony is not yet ready for this. The 90mm e-mont macro lens does not perform as we would wish in terms of depth of field.

When using Sony mirrorless cameras for dental photography you end up having only the camera body from Sony. You need a third party flash (Meike MKT24 is a good option). You need to work with a 105mm macro lens that offers a smaller aperture compared to the original 90mm from Sony. So you might go for the 105mm from Nikon mounted on the Sony camera with a Commlite ENF-E1 Pro adapter. In relation to the Meike flash you might also need to change your WB setting compared to the ones used with Nikon.

Dental Photography Setup for Sony Alpha 7R4

So the question at the end is … do you want to spend the money for the Sony camera? A great camera I would recommend buying, but today not the best for dental photographer.

The tow cameras both perform very well

We will keep you posted!! Read also our post on DSLM