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Are you frustrated with your photography and not sure how to get over the hump?
Are you one of the 31% photographers who have bought a great camera but do not know how to utilize all its features?

Well, you’re not alone…
Every photographer makes plenty of mistakes, especially when they’re just starting out.

What can be a possible solution to these then?
A simple two-word answer is: THIS E-BOOK!

Over the last 25 years I have collected everything you need to know in this ebook; from camera basics … all the way to composition techniques, ending up with some bonus pages dealing with my passion for dental photography.
This is not just a usual photography guide with a list of tips and tricks only. It is a Master Photo Guide that would solve all your problems!

I can guarantee that after reading these 85 pages, you would feel a significant change in your Photography Perspective and you will be ready to reach the next level!! 🔝

3 reviews for Photography Guide

  1. Dr. Alain Souchet (verified owner)

    Your ebook is very well done and very useful for everyone, from beginners to professionals.
    Dental photography is a powerful contribution to the understanding of our treatments.
    We are professionals of the mouth and the smile.
    Photographic qualities must sublimate our treatments towards excellence.
    Your ebook is a precious help! A “Must”

  2. ORLANDO MARTINEZ (verified owner)

    Hi Alessandro, first of all congratulate you for your work, I rate it 4 and not 5 since I spected some kind of more deep information on dental photography but I understood that it was made for every reader. I also have a problem with both of my purchase since I could not download the ebook and I just lost it.

  3. Mohssine Tazi (verified owner)

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