Workshop 7 (META)


Saturday 14:00 – 17:30

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Multidisciplinary Esthetic Treatment Analysis (META); 
The Photographic Perspective of the Smile as it relates to the Portrait.
The diagnostic template serves as the point of origin for any facially generated treatment plan in the modern restorative practice. Thus an accurate photographic documentation and precise maxillo-mandibular three dimensional spatial registration will provide the dental team with a flawless workflow, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness, when working in either the conventional (analogue) and/or contemporary (digital) modes.
Transfering the correct position of the incisal and occlusal planes from the patient to the articulator are essential links for achieving the functional and esthetic goals of the anticipated treatment. Patient specific anatomic craniofacial landmarks within the frontal, transverse and sagittal planes will be thouroughly explored and analyzed.
Participants will learn how to mitigate transfer errors and increase accuracy via specific photographic and radiographic superimposition protocols in addition to utilising a customised registration, aiding both clinicians and technicians to systematically manage the proper spatial orientation of the maxillary cast.
Key Learning Goals:
-Operator driven patient craniofacial orientation via the BaseLine Protocol.
-Efficient use of digital photography in Smile Analysis and Dental Design.
-Effective light management in confined environments in order to optimise Portrait Photography.

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