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“A dirty little secret”

Have you ever wondered what causes those mysterious spots that appear in your photos? For photographers, particularly those who use interchangeable lens cameras, this is a common occurrence.

If you are constantly using your camera and switching lenses during Read more

cross-infection control on photographic equipment

by: Dr. Federico Lorelli

Hygienic procedures in dentistry for COVID-19 cross-infection control on photographic equipment

Photographic equipment used in the dental field, not being electro-medical equipment, cannot be sanitized with common medical disinfectants, they would be highly aggressive and Read more

Nikon D780 in Dental Photography

Nikon introduces a DSLR with features and benefits that were only available for its Z-Series before. It also inherits some features the company’s professional D5 and D850 models. Therefore, Nikon is giving us a signal: the DSLR era is Read more